Stonehenge Real Estate Investment Company

Todd Edwards formed Stonehenge Real Estate Investment Company with a single vision: to specialize in developments for public companies or privately held corporations. One of the attributes that distinguish Stonehenge from its competitors is the creativity the firm brings to the numerous development challenges inherent in every new project. Stonehengeís value engineering has saved clients both time and money by finding new and innovative ways to achieve their development goals. Stonehenge Real Estate Investment Company constantly challenges itself to find new ways to improve building efficiency and maximize tenant comfort and safety.

Both National and International companies have a greater number of needs today than in the past. We feel those needs are met by the services we house. There are large demands placed on an organizationís time, resources and owners. We accept that as a way to provide increased service through early involvement and management of all phases of development.

Through site selection, rezoning, architectural design, construction bidding and coordination, purchasing, operations and financing, Stonehenge Real Estate Investment Company has been the developer of choice for many companies. Stonehenge has a great deal of experience in managing the development of new projects as well as an extensive track record of successfully rehabilitating existing projects for a wide range of clients with varied space requirements. Stonehenge Real Estate Investment Company provides the highest quality development at a very competitive price.